It really gave me a different perspective because I never had realized so intensively the love I feel for all my ancestors, how I am connected with their histories of immigration, their hard life and poverty. But I think this connection was mostly with the feelings of pity and sorrow for them. And now I feel that I am free and I just love them, all of them, and I honour them I do not focus any more in the difficulties they had.- Workshop participant from Mozambique

It has been a very powerful shift! It’s hard to describe but simply put I have just been much happier and lighter. When I have had moments of old abandonment fears gripping me, they don’t stay for long and I have so much more power over them….I find solutions to dealing with them and it’s easier for me to communicate about how I feel without putting it onto my partner.
It’s as though I have settled into a center in myself that’s far less shakeable and I am more open to allowing myself to be happy, as though I resisted it before. Jade, series of individual sessions

I experienced Tanja Meyburgh as focused, intuitive, gentle, yet powerful with high integrity creating an atmosphere of trust, openness and intense awareness in the group. Having been a representative in several constellations. Having been brought up in a society that values independence and individuality I was almost shocked to realize how important and strengthening the energetic connection to our forefathers and -mothers is for our own wholeness.- Barbara Kroll, Germany, Releasing Facilitator

I have spent the better part of my adult life searching for happiness. I have risked much and I have ‘lost’ much in this relentless search for life’s true meaning.  It is Tanja who helped me realise that everything I’ve been searching for all this time has in fact always been there, accompanying me on my quest and patiently waiting for my acknowledgement and care. Tanja’s gentle yet powerful constellation process has created a life changing shift for me, unlike anything I have experienced before. I have now found my inner peace, my freedom and I don’t need to run anymore! This very space that I now occupy is my bliss.  Thank you Tanja, you have changed my world. – Volker Schlettwein – Business Manager & Life Coach

Family Constellation Therapy is like opening a hidden door to our past giving insight into the lives of our ancestors therewith giving us a better understanding of what we are carrying and why we respond to our life the way we do. Tanja Meyburgh’s facilitation is sensitive, understanding, on the mark. Attending several constellations and being a representative on numerous occasions has created a shift in my thinking and attitude towards what I previously experienced as “problems”. Several new doors have opened for me. Life has definitely taken on a whole new meaning.- Francisca Schilder Retired psychiatric nursing sister

I felt my constellation was extremely powerful, and the process is on-going ~ the process of integrating different parts of myself I sense I am allowing myself for the first time since the trauma in my family life, to actually feel all the feelings fully. So the healing is happening.– workshop participant

I am certainly living my life in a state of awake-ness and I have never felt so alive. – Linda Roodt, Life Coach

“After a long time of struggle of working part time as a domestic worker, and after the tragedy of losing my fifth pregnancy which nearly took my life, I decided to do a constellation about my miscarriages. In the constellation it became clear that my child was not resting because it was so hard for me to let go. I even had the desire to follow her. I was asking God why did I not die with my baby because I was empty (dead) inside. Tanja gave me homework to have something in my house that will give my children a place. I have five stones at my home that represents all of them. That gave me a huge relief and a clear focus on things. This also made it possible for me to become employed again. “- Lindiswa Mavavana, Counsellor

I have experienced Tanja Meyburgh’s style of Family Constellation Therapy several times, and been again and again moved by her sensitive organic way of working: like watching buds first appear, open, then bloom miraculously and unexpectedly into a perfectly formed flower, each unique and different. – Dr Stephen M. Marcus, Ph.D.

I remain very peaceful about the way in which my constellation unfolded. There are moments when I’m suddenly aware that I lack the sense of being pressured or being to blame for stuff that I cannot (also could not) prevent, solve or heal. Also, just being a witness to the unfolding of other people’s constellations was a moving and meaningful experience. – Karla, Worskhop participant

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