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A Zulu woman’s experience of Family Constellations

A Zulu woman’s experience of Family Constellations: An interview between Tanja Meyburgh and Lindiwe Mthembu-Salter, 2008: Tanja: How do you experience family constellations within the context of your cultural ancestry? Lindiwe: For me, the belief in ancestors is rooted in the need or desire to preserve the memory of the known past generations and the […]

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Questioning your questions: a facilitator’s guide

Questioning your Questions: The Systemic Constellation Interview Tanja Meyburgh (2007) In the interview before a family or systems constellation, questions are not used simply to gain insight into the relationship structures and the family system, they are at the same time always interventions in that system. For example: “how would your relationship with your partner […]

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