Private Practice

tm_privprac1(Please note that Tanja is not currently taking new individual clients at her practice.)

I offer family constellations in the individual and group setting, as well as training for family constellations facilitators. You can come and see me as an individual or couple at my practice in Tokai (Cape Town).

What is special about my approach?

I believe that each person is the true expert in their own life. My therapeutic approach engages the head, heart and body actively in the process and incorporates many years of training and experience in diverse fields from psychological and artistic process to nature, cosmology and spiritual training. At heart I am a systems oriented thinker, never seeing any one thing in isolation from its context, and I continue in my own life in search of the soul in everyday practices and simple living.

I work with your thinking, your feeling and your body wisdom to empower you in your life. What you may notice, is that I do not give advice, but rather assist you in finding resources for yourself – something you often have within you but are unable to access since you are so deeply connected to the problem. In particular, I am able to assist you in shedding light on the recurring patterns that limit you, including those taken on from your family system and previous generations.

Systemic Therapy and Family Constellations acknowledge that the human being does not exist in isolation. We are part of a bigger network of relationships of belonging to our families, our cultures, and even our nations. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to break away from our past or the patterning of our families and previous generations. By zooming out, and becoming aware of the bigger picture, it becomes easier to move forward in your own life with a new sense of freedom, resource and strength.

I am registered with the Board of Healthcare Funders, so you can claim from your medical aid if your option covers counseling psychologists.

Many generations

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