living life towards beauty

Today I find myself in awe of African cosmology, and how my exploration of it is weaving all the loose threads of understanding together that I have accumulated over many years of study and life experience in various fields. The red thread that runs through it all, has to do with “beauty”. “Beauty” could be […]

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fire the inner-bully

I had an interesting conversation this weekend: The question that arose was: who is leading your inner team? You know those voices going on in your head – that one about needing to be successful at work (“ambition”); the perfect parent (“don’t be like dad/mom”) the voice that wants another cigarette or drink (“give-me-more”); the […]

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don’t say the “V” word

I’m wondering about vulnerability, and what it means to make oneself vulnerable in our reality today. As a house guest I always imagine vulnerability would point out all the faults, make the house look weak and flawed, would leave the window unlatched at night and forget to put on the alarm. He/she would be happy […]

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