Group Workshops


Workshops are an opportunity to experience family constellations in a group setting: those who want to do their own constellations, people wanting to see what its about, or experience learning and growth through representation, and for health professionals interested in the modality.

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What happens at a workshop?

Family Constellations enable us to make patterns and problems visible within the family system, and allow us to grasp how the lives and fates of previous generations contribute to what we experience in our lives today. Family Constellations are particularly useful for understanding consistent symptoms or problems that don’t seem to have an adequate explanation within our own life story, or those things that have been resistant to shifting with other forms of therapy. With a skilled facilitator you can however explore a range of issues.  For example:

  • difficulties in relationships with parents, siblings or partner
  • illness and physical symptoms
  • addiction
  • recurring patterns and a feeling of not being able to move on in life
  • feelings of not belonging
  • unresolved grief
  • decision making
  • financial issues
  • depression
  • behavior difficulties with children
  • trans-generational trauma (including family traumas, Apartheid, war & holocaust)
  • organisational dynamics and development

What happens at a workshop:

We will set up the constellations of the people who have pre-booked to explore their problem or question. This involves the other participants standing as representatives for the other family members, creating a visual, 3-D representation of the bigger system sustaining the problem. With gentle guidance from the facilitator, we will explore ways to initiate movement in the system and to find resolution. Through insights gained and active steps to initiate, your problems, symptoms or illnesses can bring you to the resources that are needed for health and wellness.

What is a representative?

A representative stands in the roles of the different family members or elements of somebody else’s constellations and can experience positions that he or she may never have understood before, or positions that relate similarly to their own family. Through this one is able to better understand oneself and relationships with family members, friends and colleagues. It is a great opportunity to grow and practice your intuition, and to enrich and expand your life experience and self-knowledge. It does not require a special skill and is not role play, so anyone can do it.

When are constellations contra-indicated:

Family and Systems Constellations are like throwing a pebble into a pond of water – sending ripples in all directions, sometimes causing a few waves. The effect can be powerful, touch deep places, and bring profound healing and shifts in a very short space of time. It is however not always the appropriate approach for a client, and can instigate larger healing shifts that can, in some cases, make the symptom or client feel worse at first before getting better.

It is also not a substitute for long term therapy and it is not recommended to attend group workshops when suffering from a depressive episode, psychosis, borderline personality or post traumatic stress. Individual Constellations are a better choice if the client is already feeling overwhelmed or vulnerable. In some cases it is also recommended to have two sessions closer together, should extra support be required as follow-up to the constellation process.

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