don’t say the “V” word

I’m wondering about vulnerability, and what it means to make oneself vulnerable in our reality today. As a house guest I always imagine vulnerability would point out all the faults, make the house look weak and flawed, would leave the window unlatched at night and forget to put on the alarm. He/she would be happy to let anyone in, and point directly at the hosts wounds and say – there, let your words stab her, right there. Yes, this is why the “V” word has become a dirty one – maybe we can blame feminism, or crime, or perhaps traumatic and harsh life experiences. But, what can vulnerability – as a welcome guest – give us? Imagine a house with floor to ceiling windows and light streaming in, a garden where the flower-beds are the boundaries, and you can greet your neighbor as you sit on your open stoep. The rooms are full now: freedom, trust and relationship have arrived. Yes, people can see in and everybody is going to know what you are doing – maybe they won’t even like you – but, imagine living in this community rather than in a prison where nobody can really see you for who you are.

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  1. Annelie January 19, 2011 at 10:25 pm #

    yes, we simply cannot erect more walls, close more windows, lock more doors in our current society. I heard today that it is not our strengths that connect us, but our weaknesses. Who me? Weak?

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