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Parents and “doing the best we can”

Experience Our relationship to our parents is foundational.  It is the first experience of bonding, connection and relationship upon which the future of our relationships is built.  Everybody has a mother, and everybody has a father – as a biological fact – that connects them also to their grandparents and to their ancestors from whom […]

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Inviting (sometimes radical) Inclusion

  Its been a while since I have posed here.  I’d like to share some thoughts and wonderings over the next few months on specific aspects and subjects encountered regularly Systems Constellations. I also very practically invite you to integrate them into your daily practice so that what you have learnt in the Constellation circle […]

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the art of presence

I’ve been wondering what our relationships, our families and the world would be like if we lived our lives truly present in the current moment.  Martial artists and spiritual sages have been teaching the concept of “presence” as the path to enlightenment for thousands of years. When we experience “presence” we experience clarity, relaxation and […]

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