living life towards beauty

Today I find myself in awe of African cosmology, and how my exploration of it is weaving all the loose threads of understanding together that I have accumulated over many years of study and life experience in various fields. The red thread that runs through it all, has to do with “beauty”. “Beauty” could be described as a state of having all things in the right place at the right time. Some may call it “presence” or “being in the flow”. When we live our lives with beauty, we step into the river of life, and open ourselves to a force that holds and supports us, that carries us past the obstacles, that gives us everything that we need to live a life in harmony with other humans, nature, animals and the earth.

What I realised, is that in modern society we tend to complicate things far too much, and we can take a lesson from pre-industrial wisdom here. Simply: do our thoughts, feelings and actions lead us towards beauty, or do they lead us away from it. If we are moving towards beauty we experience less resistance and greater health and well-being. If we are moving away from beauty, we experience obstacles, difficulties, resistances and various symptoms.

In African Cosmology and Family Constellations, we are assisting the client to move towards beauty – come fully present into the moment – untangled from the lives and fates of their pasts, parents and ancestors. There are no truths in this movement towards beauty, there is no good and evil, no right and wrong: only what we can do to restore balance, belonging and order. When these are restored, it is easier to say yes to the life-giving and strengthening experiences that come your way. It is easier to say “yes” to life.

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